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Default Re: Approaching Pole Shift !

Part One

By following a crumb bread trail laid by one of above
Come forth an aerial cross that lay words onto our powers
At the moment that blow off steam, no more out of tune,
On behold an alarming Holes in the sky...pouring down
Its formless cataract with sounding reiterated cries
"It is here, at the beginning of this second sign, that man can no longer heal the Earth with physical action. It is here that man must heed the warning and work harder to change the future at hand. But man must not only work physically, he must also work spiritually, through prayer, for only through prayer can man now hope to heal the Earth and himself"
& Quote

Part Two
Something to contemplate...

As nothing can bring back the hours
And little we can see in World that is ours
Still we can grieve not, & be more readily to find
Our property and quality of being strong, which
To answer a call that springs out of penetrating moans
From within and without, from the most numbness and wakefulness

Before the Spirit turned and walked back into the dust, anxiously was heard:
It is then, if things are not changed during the second sign,
That man will surely know the destruction of the Earth is at hand!
& Quote

It echoes and echoes ...
The shout echoed off four walls...
In thoughts that lie too deep for tears
On the right, it is felt
loaded sudden clammy grip of the future
On the left, it is heard:
Are we giving our hearts to prays of our future
Or lay waste our powers that had begun to decay?
If not, ought to sympathize with the numbness
So do not exceed him in the folly that missing opportunity!
It is, really, really
Racking one's brain...

Part Three

Climb back to Everest Top, to talk to the air…

The root of the debate is something that cannot dissolve, it really never do dissolve but today simply cannot do without, around a pile of mountains, at the hours of interim, for mind who has transcended the subject into a new level of moonlit lyricism with emotional intensity, knows real loves and real revolts, and has no need of any guarantee to be sure the relief of its loads, in this certitude comes from monologue that drives in momentum:

To all the besieged unfortunates and their renewed spirit
At the moment while matching toward a mountain,
To the steep, to the fire, to the volcano throat
Passing the Phase Gate, is our only hope, or else despair
History is now, for us, for cities, for countries, for stars
It notices our earnest thought, that dwell, that enact possibilities
That lives with boldest originality and richness
That leads initiatives to wholly transfigured, to become renewed

Sojourners, you & me, our words touch lightly tonight
As a harper touches holy, resonate in our calm clarity:
Our breathe engages in this haphazard conversation
Proven We has arrived at a place —in superb surprise
Where Presence is circumferences superimposed, which
With a center is our rendezvous of Insight & Hope
It encompass our confession of abundant pathos
To humanity, to the minds that ocean where each kinds
To their symbolic meaning in the vicissitude form of life
To their truly difficult grim reality and responsibilities
& their divine heights of transcendental attainments
At a moment, like this, when soul and soul reflects
We realize the awful solitude of individual life as a whole
As yet arrive our opportunity that manifests a philosophical advocate:
It is not enough to have intuitions and compassion
The image firmly held in minds is a swift impetus torrent:
The pathos must be taken by force, only through effort!
Effort is inspired by faith, by actions! By open up hearts to Choice
Our ambitious secret is: do not look at our fellow man of prayers
In vain on their disastrous sail, against strong tide & enormous violent storm
In stead, we are architects the best-of-class in suffusive sense of confidence
Who raises his structure in imagination before he erects it in his reality
By imagination, where he could locate a fulcrum and a place to stand
With the fulcrum, we gain our right to savor each segment of enlightenment
With a place, where new influence brought to bear upon it is a clear view:
Spirituality evolvement is not won in any other way, but truly human reality
But through cognitive exercise of the mind, with the heart, with its arts
Reality is all but rude, & it is not a grim preparation for next step or a defeat
Rather is experiment to make comforts, to make a sanctuary for the World
In moment searching for a New Paradigm— green thought birthing into green shape!

Quote from -Becoming-
The human beings becoming on this planet, if they are to
become now, must do this for themselves. They must accept
who and what they are, learn of the existence of the basic Laws
of the Universe that have been denied them, put them into
practice and create their own new expression of potentiality.
That is their inherent birthright. There is no other way out of
this dilemma that totally surrounds them and in truth threatens
their possible extinction.
& Quote

If there is a limit to all things and a measure for a breakaway
Where potency out of stacked books and irregular ideas dispersed
Will be a ditty in similar form alike:

I demand
Minute by minute I change
Harbor with one purpose alone:
I live this my life to fullness
I travel at light with light
Have fewer things rigid
Take more risks and be prolific
Live immortal the poetry
& to paint our metropolis

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