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Default Re: Questions I would like to ask ETs

Your questions are irrelevant for ETs, I think - kind of 3D - though your intention of wanting answers may not be.
I'm of the opinion that there may be some visiting ETs that are still 3D. If this is not the case, then that may be an answer to a lot of this - namely that there is no system that will work over the long term at this level of consciousness. I think some of the questions are still applicable at 4D/5D where there is still a physical incarnation and a physical reality to deal with (if I have my D's straight). Will we automatically know how to work things out at that level? Will there be lots of help? Maybe, maybe not. I really don't know.

I would only add that I would never ask the ET's that are dealing with the PTB any questions as I instinctively do not trust those ET's.
I think the answers could still be useful. For example, perhaps (pure speculation here) they have achieved longevity by way of a system that we find absolutely abhorent - such as extreme control, uniformity, and suppression of creativity. I feel I can learn something from anyone, even if it is learning what NOT to do. If it is impossible to get an honest answer from some ETs, then your point is well taken.

What's in this for you?
Personally? I'm here to learn. I want to know about all of the civilizations that are interacting with us, their history, how they live, how they do the things in my questions. Why? Beats me, I just do. I'm curious. I want to be able to look up in the sky, point at a star, and know something about what goes on there.

Consider how we live here on earth. Mushroom management - kept in the dark and fed BS. How many people know they are kept in the dark? That knowledge about life in the universe around us is suppressed. That the science of such things as gravity manipulation and energy from the vacuum is suppressed. That knowledge of our spiritual nature and the power of mind is suppressed. That what we think is our goverment isn't the real government. Etc., etc.

Perhaps the mushroom management approach is how the "training program" at this level is supposed to work. The school of hard knocks. Perhaps it went astray at some point. It would be nice to know. It does seem, from various contact reports, that ETs want us to work some of these things out for ourselves. There have also been plenty of warnings that we are on the wrong path. What is the right path?

Asking these sorts of questions is one way to open our minds to other possibilities for our own future. It is also a way to prepare for real disclosure - to consider just how different other civilizations might be from our own.

I know ETs watch much of what goes on here (on earth). I've had simple requests answered in the past. This is a rather more involved request. Perhaps it is too much to ask. But making it known here could also be the start of a long learning process - one I would welcome. Let's get to know our neighbors!

PPS JNANA - nice name

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