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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi AstralWalker and everyone else following this great thread!

I have just finished reading through the full free ebook version of this thread and I thank you and everyone else that has made this info available. I will offer a perspective on this that perhaps has not been offered before:

To put it bluntly; If only a small portion of the scenarios painted here are but remotely true, and to me they seem highly accurate indeed, then we must all face the fact that 2012 is not about "survival". This perspective has been clear to me for some time now, and this thread with all the info here (much of which I was somewhat familiar with from before, but not all put together like this) only further confirms this notion. If anything it is like the crop circles and Existence is trying to tell us: Wake up! Life is not about "survival". It is about spiritual evolution, adventure and growing in the eternal Spirit.

No-body survives a physical incarnation after all. Accepting all this should be a great relief the way I see it. It is always good to care about the Earth as part of being a loving sensitive Being, but in the end I think that this "planetary body" is up for the same fate as all physical life-forms on it. Just like our physical body grows weary and "old", same thing with the planetary body. It has served for a long time, and now it will be allowed to totally cleanse itself, and rest for a long time without any life-forms upon it. Thus, we are not here to "save" neither our own physical body, nor the planetary body of Gaia. That all takes care of itself through natural processes. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust etc...

So why are we here/now?

At this point it is good to admit that none of us has all the answers. If we did, we would hardly be here at this time right? The "scientific" part of the book is pretty clear, but the "solutions/advice part" is more vague. This is as it should be. I will quote a small part from it that I think captures the essence of the "dilemma":

If you look with the eyes of your common sense and intellect, you see Pole Shifts, unavoidable catastrophes as result of natural cosmic conditions and laws. But if you look with the eyes of your Heart, the picture looks different, and deep inside yourself you know that in the end, everything will be OK.
It makes the whole difference does it not? It's no wonder that those totally trapped in the "physical illusion" don't want to know about these things. Death is too scary to them. This life is all there is etc... I really do not think we will have to wait until 2012 for the "beams" to arrive. I think they are already here to some degree, and that the whole process is like an exponential curve:

It builds gradually before it suddenly leaps into eternity...
This leap happens somewhere closer to 2012. Right now we are pretty close to it and everyone can feel how "time" is speeding up as it collapses more and more into the eternal continuum.

What will "happen" to us, and what to do?

This book presents a lot about the physical things that will happen that also border on the meta-physical. Ra and many other sources speaks about the coming "Harvest/Ascension" of 2012. Here it is called "the Nexus event". I don't think the elite will be all that powerful as it is presented in the book. Their power wanes as the Level of mass Consciousness of Humanity rises. A huge cleansing and uprooting is happening on that front right now as the Level of Mass Consciousness has reached unprecedented hights this year (the 14th october non-event/event being a trigger for a lot of "latent" Wanderers).

Also, the higher the level of Mass Consciousness the more the StO evolved/friendly ET's are allowed to assist. They have been assisting a lot behind the scenes for a long time already. Everything leads up to the Harvest/Ascension/Nexus event. Remember that most people drawn to these things are Wanderers with family and friends observing/guiding from the crafts that surround the Planet at this time. I really do not think these highly evolved races observing/guiding this process will allow anything too drastic to interefere with "the plan" (and with all their beloveds down here at this time). The "elite" will have just enough rope to hang themselves with... Their bunker-situation will be but a futile attempt to escape destiny.

Those that signed up for "Ascension" are gradually being prepared for a sudden shift into 4th density bodies via DNA activation and other things that are happening right now and that have been going on for a while. I really do not see a chaotic situation where everyone is floating around in chaotic dangerous "astral environment" not knowing what to do. Things simply does not work that way. The big picture is not left to "coincidences". The Light also has some say in all this, not just the little dark cabal. My assessment is that the friendly ET's will play a major part in the actual "Ascension/Harvest". They exist on higher densities and can thus travel between them. The process up to the actual moment of "Harvest/Ascension" is where we are right now. We are coming closer and closer to the higher densities in both body and Level of Consciousness. Those Ascending will escape the catastrophies etc. by simply moving into another and higher density where this physical 3rd density world can no longer affect them. They will be greeted by familiy/friends there... and this is how it will probably feel for many of us:

Many earth humans that do not make Ascension/Harvest because they are not evolved enough will probably die in the earth changes and be transported to a new 3rd density planet (some say "replica Earth") to continue 3rd density lessons until they are ready to move on. Essentially everyone will go where they are supposed to go. Gaia herself will evolve to a new 4th density planetary body, and leave this current one behind. Anyone that has been out of the body knows that these things are not really "far out", but rather natural. This physical reality is not all there is. Far from it. Leaving these physical bodies behind will feel as natural as removing some old clothes when the time comes... So nothing to fear but fear itself as that retards the process somewhat and creates friction in something that can go very smoothly.

How to help the process

Everyone will essentially go where they are supposed to go. It's the amount of friction that will vary from case to case. Some will go easy, while others will go kicking and screaming...

This is where we can help the process by facing up to mortality, meditate, relinquish resistance, and increase Awareness. Physical cleansing also helps of course. The amount of somewhat different, yet similar, information out there always seems to "hold something back" right? This is because we are not supposed to "know it all". Life is supposed to be adventurous and exciting, and we would hardly learn anything if everything was known all along. Much is indicated and hinted upon, but it is up to us to interpret it our own way. The state of being always in the "search/learning" or Seeker modus is much more important than to know anything. All the various information circle around the same "elephant in the room", and by this it triggers our curiousity and Seeker modus. So many people are trapped in the "I know" modus, and this is a gigantic blockage for Soul Growth and evolvement.

Anyway, that was my take on this issue for now. Looking forward to participate in the global meditations! Remember to be lighthearted and not too serious about all this also It's only one life of many after all... Only the dark cabal elite can manage to be serious on a roller coaster like this. Sitting there like they have pooped their pants the whole ride through. They will have to change their own diapers from now on...

In Love and Gratitude for this opportunity to be now/here,


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