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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

From a heliocentric to a galactic consciousness

If you imagine our planet earth floating like a little island in an infinite ocean of space you may also realize that there are waves surfing against the shores of our little refuge. And you may then also realize that we are not living in bomb proof refuge but in a rather sensitive environment not only sensitive to what we are doing to our small garden Eden.

As our lives are very short in comparison to the duration of the waves that are surging against our shores we have no recollection and awareness of prior waves or even the present wave. There are short waves and longer waves - the sequence of the four seasons is an example of one of the shorter waves but take for instance the eleven-year cycle that the sun is undergoing: it is going by unnoticed by most people.

The people of the nation of the Maya some thousand of years ago actually had the awareness about the greater cosmic cycles and measured them with their calendar. They also knew the source of the strongest cycles or waves - the center of our galaxy, the Milkyway.


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