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Default Re: Dr. Steven Greer, Disinfo Agent? Details Please!

Originally Posted by Tramik View Post
No. Steven Greer was just the host. The testimony of the individuals can still be true. If he is a traitor that doesn't automatically make people he's associated with in the same boat.

If you disagree, I would like to hear an explanation as to why. Do you have evidence that the people who have testified are lying? please provide it.
I don't think he is a traitor. I'm just analyising it.
It wouldn't make sense for a 'traitor' to host such a thing.

I don't think the people giving testimony in the Disclosure Project
are lying. Although..analyising it or two disinfo agents
MIGHT have slipped in. Although all the ones I've seen come over
as genuine and honest.

The DP was a defining moment for me when I came across it 2 years
ago...jawdropping stuff. It set off a dramatic learning curve for me.
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