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Default Re: Who is your Higher Self?

Originally Posted by Astra View Post
Contemplating Higher-Self ... or - "a repetition of repetition ..."


... I am That I am ...

...devoid of judgment, above greed, power and lust,

empted even of the selfish desire for enlightenment

as I’ve been enlightened at the moment of my infinite conception ...

Present in the past, present in the future,
always in the now - yet hidden to the naked eye.

I am - whole and integrated,
waiting to be discovered in the reflection of the silvery moon over the Lake.

Can’t you see my perfection in the eyes of a child,
Calling for you to join this secret communion?

I am One that has not been changed, perfected or deceived,
Letting you know there is nothing to be transformed
but the vanity of the doubting mind.

Yet, I do transform into the many forms of the same,
so that “me” could recognize the illusion.

I appear from nowhere yet I do have a place to sprout from
never allowing you to be harmed nor to do harm.

As pure as first snow that falls silently over your transient sorrows,
I‘ve been abiding in the cradle made of thousands of clouds
expecting your glistening rainbow drop to join the Ocean.

I am a jewel of happiness
ready to be found in the hidden castle of your own,
I am a particle of stardust ready to disappear
in the never-ending conception of my Love.

Dissolve all desires to find me!

You need no eyes to perceive me,
no ears to hear me,
No hands to touch me.

I have been found at the non-beginning,
and I will be with you till the end of “me”
and beyond the great Void,

For we have always been
Conjoined twins
Non-separated , yet free.

Surrender without fear!

I am all words uttered and un-uttered,
yet I need no words to be known.

When you arive, you will find out
How actually, there was nowhere to go,
You are such beautifull soul Astra .
Thank you for bringing your heart and poetry here

Love for You

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