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Default Do you think Earth bound humans will ever make it pass class ZERO/ONE civilization?

The following may seem like a rant but it’s not, merely my observation weighing in on an uncertain future. So don't take it personal...even if you think it applies to you.

As I see it…our morals and priorities are totally screwed up big time. We have become a parasite to the planet, we’ve become unconsciously selfish, we bicker over nonsense and return to hiding when the bigger obvious issues manifest themselves, we are afraid of our own governments and will make up any elaborate excuse to justify its constant failures. We acknowledge that our way of life is lacking, hinders spiritual and innovative growth. We watch others suffer then go on by our merry own way. We hardly practice what we preach; for the most part…we are too afraid of change.
All the talk, criticism, and ideas for a brighter tomorrow is nothing but a dream and nice words…because there is no true action put into play to achieve a brighter tomorrow. We wait around for other species to rescue us from our own people. I’m even under the impression that a few feel they are worthy of ascending while they know there are innocents being manipulated to their deaths. The common rebuttals “everything is for a reason, it’s meant to be this way so we can learn, aliens are controlling the elites” sounds like spineless rhetoric to me.

If I was an outsider looking in on this civilization…I wouldn’t lift a finger or tentacle to help a cowardly selfish race until they start removing the very few of their own kind that is oppressing them. Alien Intervention before this happens will only create more problems for the rescuing party. I doubt if anyone will ascend knowing innocents die constantly by the people we elected (so we all are partly responsible as well). I would keep this planet in quarantine until the intelligent species occupying it become brave responsible beings. The laws of nature dictate that we always get what we deserve and in no way do we deserve to ascend into beauty when we only display beauty on hidden stages…the love I witness here is no where near what actually exist in the real world. so It makes no sense granting irresponsible species more power when they can’t even face the few wicked humans ruling them.
This is why I see no advancement for Earth bound humans…hopefully I’m wrong but there is nothing logical suggesting that they do.
Typical human thinking…always wanting something for nothing.
We are running out of time...but on schedule for extinction...

I like how Michio Kaku explains it here…

The following is a copy and paste…

A CLASS 0 CIVILIZATION is one which uses the local, regional, fossil, wind, water and other natural and man-made sources of energy to provide the means of technologically "powering" such a civilization. This is where our current terrestrial civilization (since the re-establishment of human civilization, in 9644 B.C., following what the U.S. Geophysical Service [USGS] and geophysicists call the "Gothenburg Double Event", which occurred from 9654-9644 B.C.) is today - a CLASS 0 civilization, or one that is "starting over from scratch", following a cataclysmic destruction OF the previous civilization. As I have noted elsewhere in the pages of this website, in quoting famous Historian-Anthropologist Dr. Joseph Jochmans (see Father Jerome's Lectures), human civilization on this planet Earth has endured through over 100,000 civilizations, punctuated by the natural and man-made catastrophes that have brought them all down! As Dr. Jochmans has implied (and which is, according to the Records of Human History, so very true!), even though our current civilization is starting over and is Class 0, there have been previous human civilizations of Earth which have matured beyond Class 0 and have, literally, "gone to the stars". Such is the reason that it has been said that "earlier" Humanity is "out there", among the stars, waiting for us - the re-emerging civilization - to join them!

A CLASS I CIVILIZATION is one which uses the entire planetary resources of their planet to technologically "power" their unified, world-wide civilization. A Class 1 civilization may have just started to explore and travel to other planets of their solar/star system.

A CLASS II CIVILIZATION is one which uses the entire solar resources of their star system to "power" their star-system civilization (like Dyson's Sphere). They may have just started to explore and travel to other star systems.

A CLASS III CIVILIZATION is a human civilization that uses the entire galactic resources of the individual galaxy in which they are resident. They may have started to explore and travel to other galaxies of the Universe.

A CLASS IV CIVILIZATION is a human civilization that uses the entire resources of the Universe. Such a human civilization is usually beginning to explore transdimensional space and beyond.

And finally, a CLASS V CIVILIZATION is a human civilization that uses the entire resources of the Cosmos. Such a civilization is well transdimensional and beyond, traversing between various Cosmos' with ease.


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