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Default Re: Do you think Earth bound humans will ever make it pass class ZERO/ONE civilizatio

we are experiencing a frequency split that seems very obvious now.,..those who continue to exploit,hate and control are having a VERY tough time now...much purging will happen over bthe next few years as our planet gets bombarded with "evolutionary" energies...those who are open to receiving and learning from these energies are on the ascension path,thosde who fight it and don't accept Divine Will are headed for a tougher time.

The frequency split will become more and more obvious soon...more people will join together(mentally and physically) in to higher vibrating groups and locations and you will see how these groups are much less effected by the coming drastic changes.

This is a very complicated issue,but there are "transit stations" being set up now where people will go to in the Higher realms depending on their frequency,the ascension plan changes alot as it is very dependant on Humans taking responsibility for their own evolution...sadly much of the new-age is manipulated by the "controllers" and people keep expecting others to save them...this is a huge issue but basically it gets back to Self Sovereignty and responsibility.
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