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Default Re: Do you think Earth bound humans will ever make it pass class ZERO/ONE civilizatio

This is a very timely thread as this is something we were discussing this morning. The issue is will humans make the jump to a class ZERO/ONE civilization?

Let's examine this from several perspectives. For example, if everything continues as it is where information is censored and/or distorted, no, humans will not get to a class ZERO/ONE civilization. However, if the truth, the whole truth including all of the black ops secret government operations, space operations, off-world operations, time-travel operations, collaboration with other alien civilizations were made public and became common knowledge, yes, after a period of adjustment, rage against those who have been snookering the general populace world-wide, and introduction of opportunities that have been limited to the elite/secret government, humans would advance rapidly to a class ZERO/ONE civilization.

The way to start this process is with schools by providing training for off-world assignments, classes in Exopolotics being offered in high school and colleges; and daily news reports on progress being made in various space, off-world and alien collaboration projects. Can you imagine a lottery for people to go to Mars? or the Moon? What about a lottery to ride in some of these new space ships? Or even a time-travel trip to view the crucifixion of Christ or various historical events? Then there is the whole issue of teleportation to different destinations that has been going on since the 60s that Andrew Basiago was doing. Can you even possibly imagine how many people would being lining up at teleport stations to travel around the world instantaneously arriving at their destination within minutes anywhere on the planet.

We also know from a variety of social and educational experiments in the past when students were treated like gifted students they excelled. It didn't matter if they were gifted or not. It was because the teachers thought they were gifted that made it work. If the human population was treated with respect and like intelligent beings, they too would get up to speed faster then a tick on a dog.
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