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Default Re: Bailing out the Greek economy futile, says FRENCH banking chief

Hisssssssssss!!!!!!! (GreeceFire)

Thursday, February 18. 2010
Posted by Karl Denninger

Yes, that's the pressure vessel reaching critical you hear.... Greek MPs lash out at Germany over debt crisis
ATHENS, Feb 18 (Reuters) - Greek opposition lawmakers said on Thursday that Germans should pay reparations for their World War Two occupation of Greece before criticising the country over its yawning fiscal deficits.
What does this have to do with what appear are alleged to be intentional cooking of the books to get into the EU in the first place.

You know, what we civilized folks would call "fraud"?
"How does Germany have the cheek to denounce us over our finances when it has still not paid compensation for Greece's war victims?" Margaritis Tzimas, of the main opposition New Democracy party, told parliament.
"You shot my brother sixty years ago and so damnit, I'm going to commit fraud with impunity because you never paid me for my brother's death!"

Uh huh.

Didn't we try something like this before? I seem to remember a couple of instances over in Europe that had a rather significant part of their root in economic mismanagement and outright scams by sovereigns, no? Weimar-Cough-Weimar-Cough for one, but not the only one. If you think the only reason we had WWI was the assassination of Archuduke Ferdinand you were "educated" in a government school.

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