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Default All things Merlin

I'm from the UK, i'm throwing this thread out to see if anyone from here or around the world have noticed lately that all things Merlin are coming into our daily lives or the media as a whole.

Am i the only one picking this up or is there others out there.
It would be interesting to know because this may be triggered words being put out into the subconscience and if so why?

Example; For a start we have this site. Avalon. Then we have the founding site Camelot. In England on a saturday night we have Merlin the series on our tv's.

A local bonfire extravaganza in Kent at Leeds castle soon will be presenting as a finale. King Arthur and Lancelot playing out fight scenes with all the other characters of Camelot.
This year alone we have had a few programs on the tv also relating to this.
Listening to a news broadcast the word Camelot was used once again.

Perhaps it's just a rambling old woman picking up on this, or my mind playing tricks, but would like to hear anyones thoughts on this
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