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Default Re: All things Merlin

A part from Merlin - the BBC show - being so factually wrong according to the legend - isn't King Arthur said to come back to help England in its hour of need - is this the time? And where was he during the two world wars?

I've watched Merlin - probably the only thing I do watch on the braindrain television theres days and I know it's really for kids - happy to be a big kid - but they should have at least done a little more research into the whole thing. When I see or hear anything on the BBC - and they were my first publishers - I really can't believe anything they are saying - they say it's raining - I still have to check outside and this is because they are the Governments publicity agency - and what makes it worse it that we have to pay for it - the T.V. licence - and pay this to be given lies - blood dues boil quite quickly these days. I'm becoming Victor Meldew - three cheers for grumpy old men! Hip, hip!...

...but on a more positive note - love and light to you all...
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