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Default Re: VOYAGERS - Secrets Of Amenti

Originally Posted by TempestGarden View Post
I am seriously considering ordering Voyagers II and reading it. It seems like it might be overly "technical" in nature, but I am willing to give it a try. From my so far superficial exposure to her teachings, it seems like she doesn't really believe that love and hope will get us through ultimately and it almost seems like she is saying we are somewhat powerless and doomed.

I am not sure about her take on Archangel Michael. Perhaps someone can explain this to me a little bit better? Is this not a benevolent entity/angel afterall? I always thought he was supposed to be. I am more than a little confused about what he truly represents.

It is highly technical in parts, but there are some real gems of information in the book.

As for the Archangel Michael, this link has more information:
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