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Default Re: VOYAGERS - Secrets Of Amenti

Originally Posted by TempestGarden View Post
Well, I read the "Introduction" which is really about 2 chapters in length. I have a question for those of you that have already read volume 1. The book is arranged rather strangely because next you have an "About the Author" chapter and a bunch of stuff about the Emerald Order that all still fall under the "Introduction". Then, the book finally starts at "Chapter 1" so to speak, quite a number of pages into the book already.

The question I have is this... these last two sections before Chapter 1 are chock full of a bunch of Keylontic terms and it looks like it will be a really challenging read. Is it necessary to read this first before starting on Chapter 1 in order to understand and enjoy the rest of the book, or could I skip these parts and go directly to "page 1" as it were?
You might as well, get it out of the way (but that bit 'chock full of keylontic terms' is repeated in the second book so you can skip it then) as it is the 'heaviest' part of Voyagers 1 - the rest of the book is like a stroll in the park compared to Voyagers 2.

Happy reading.

Though if you are alone at night, book 1 can be a tiny bit unnerving.. I recommend turning on all the lights and calling in your guides and surrounding yourself with white light.

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