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Default Re: VOYAGERS - Secrets Of Amenti

I actually ended up reading all of the "Introduction" as well as Chapter 1 before you responded to my post. It took me a little while to get through it since there were so many terms that I had never heard before, so it slowed my reading a bit. I'm not the fastest reader on the planet by a longshot anyways, though.

So far, I don't find the book disturbing at all, but perhaps in later chapters it will be. A few nights ago I was by myself, it was nighttime and I was reading the DULCE book by Branton online and I found that to be very disturbing. It is an eyewitness account from a whistleblower as to what is really going on at the Dulce, NM military base underground. After all the stuff about the Reptilians, let's just say I was a little spooked. Here is a link, for those that don't know what I am talking about...

I have yet to finish the whole thing though. I skipped it for now when the first Voyagers book came in the mail.

I am still having trouble with the concept of Inter-Dimensional and Inter-Time beings. I am hoping that the book explains the concept a little better as I get further into it.
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