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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


I feel people will have arranged their starting time too.
On camelot many are reached which are not in Avalon .
They also might not check camelot's page everyday.
Even those of Avalon are not in everyday .
So how will they know we changed the time ?
We are too late to do this.
We could have done if it all started next week.

I still feel that by changing anything to the set ups of this first meditation we will loose people or some will start at 5 and others at 8 and we will have lost the impact desired.

Yeah, that sounds logical too.

I guess we are too late to change anything for this first run of home meditations.

If agreed by everyone, let’s leave as it is...lets enjoy the first harmonizing event, and we will change the next event from Sunday to Saturday Feb 14 and the one hour meditation time instead of 5-6 pm GMT to 8-9 pm GMT. And if ok with everyone we can do only once a week on Saturdays 8 pm GMT every week.

This will give us good experience and good preparation for the first Planetary meditation on the sacred sites in May 2009.

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