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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

To whom it may concern

I think that by trying to focus on the "who we want to attract" or what the decorations mean to you on the poster, we are just in the wrong vibe here!!!!

I have an advice I would like to express

If you don't like the presentation, or the audience, or the font or the color, please help us by doing your own poster and post it wherever it seems right for you.
Great job Samarkis!!!!

No arm intended
So I reckon there shall be no 'one image' of this event, there will be as many messages in as many shapes as there are people willing to make it.
As long as it points to the same thing, it will be alright.
How to make sure no one gets sold short? I guess I shouldn't even worry.
From heart to heart. I can completely agree with that, but I'd very
much appreciate someone saying that out loud outside of your psi fields cause I am NOT receiving, thank you very much.

Can we have a list of 'available positions'?

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