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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hey all....


Um, please, anyone with concerns, I'd like to just state where I'm at with all this....

Phied's piece is Excellent and I absolutely love it...

The other music pieces at the start and end [added by astral] were temporary....this was maybe a mistake as there is no need to create confusion......however, with any collective endeavour that is truly organic, as this is, it is not really possible to present the finished piece [as this would be a fait accompli] it has to evolve.

There were issues with the mix of the first file, hence the remaster I did.

Then, it seems many people had issues with the music at the start and end, mainly at the end, so I have offered to make something specially for the meditation [as opposed to sticking some nice music on the end....which we don't own the rights for and that also is not specifically made....]

So I'm working on a piece involving the Solfeggio Frequencies
- there are 18 in all, and they make a very unique tuning......
as discussed at length here [thanks alchemikey]

This all has to be for the Greatest and Highest Good of All, so I will try my very best to create something good..and also I guess this can evolve also as the reactions come in over time.

But we [I!] must be careful not to put too much emphasis on the audio, or get distracted by the side-issues.....we are coming together as one, and this is a wonderful opportunity!

We have done the poll, as suggested [no-one is taking any executive decisions, as far as I can see....] and the Hour Length is what most prefer.

I wanted and hour and a half! lol....

So it is.

In love,

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