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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

"Fancy a ride?" (as John Hurt said in Contact) about the jump seat...

Want to feel what it would be like to go through a wormhole?

After watching "2012 Enigma" the recent recording of David Wilcock doing a presentation on some important 2012 related topics (fascinating, especially about the pineal gland)...i thought I'd better watch "Contact", the brilliant film with Jodie Foster...

now we know what we know, the film allows you to "feel" what it would be like...made me feel amazing watching her go through the wormhole...the technology in the film replicated the real thing

Here's David Wilcock talking about Project Looking Glass and Contact

and if you want to "feel" the jump seat and the wormhole, "Contact" is on a Project Camelot thread under "Books and Videos"

wonderful, hope its like this when the time comes....
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