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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Sanat View Post

"Sounds" great indeed. I would love to try out that frequency if you can provide... I know little about music and frequencies etc. I just know that many people have good experiences with the Solfeggio file, including myself (and I am not really into these external things when it comes to meditation). Thanks for your information about it. Interesting indeed.
Hi Sanat!!

My first post after subscriping

Anyways, I looked around a little bit and found this small program you can download for free. It is a program to desing speakers, but it also contains a utility called "signal generator". It can be found from the "utility" menu. With that you can generate almost any frequency you want. One simple tone, but eh, can't get everything always



Great thread!
I've been following it for good 3 weeks atleast. Lot of this stuff I have read some, or watched a documentary. And I had come to same conclusion with you on some things. But with this thread I have been able to look into it in more detail and it has been great reading! Very good work. You have done lots of work to put all that together, my humblest respects

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