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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

As for airy fairy--Can you weigh emotions?Can you measure them?? Are they real?? Yet our emotions can have benificial or detrimental effects on our bodies and those around us!!!

If one does not like my point of view-that is your choice-but one doesn't need to continuously harp on it as it only brings people down(which may be your prime objective anyway!!)
Maybe it's hard to remember, maybe you never had this, but when you're coming from the lower vibrations, it's hard to fathom that there is only love and fear, because the games we are played upon are so complex, one is brought to believe that there are millions of un-nameable notions of emotion that aren't of a linear fashion. Maybe one imagines them like a star or a diamond shape of extremes in which one moves, where the maximum variety is somewhere in the middle, as a matter of balance and that might be so.

The love and fear spectrum however, as a matter of 'how highly the whole being reverberates' as opposed to 'do I feel happy just now?' is a whole other issue. There in fact, it seems like the maximum variety of emotion is located at the extreme ends, fanning out into infinity of variance.
Maybe this is the great misunderstanding, but it took me to type this out to have an idea.
Ah, the magic of writing.

Don't forget that families argue from time to time big sister.
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