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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

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Greetings to All.

On my understanding of how these lines work, gives rise to many questions as to how these lines are and have been used over time. They are a grounding force for energy emitted by humans and a grounding point for external energies. The Christian church is very good example of how they replaced old ritual sites used by pre Christian religions to convert the local populous to their new religious order. Where there was a Celtic site for ritual gathering, they built a church. Therefore, when people turned up to the gathering, they now where convinced to use the new building, Church, as a focus for their energies.

This in turn would give the newly born religion, lots of devotees and more important. The underlying energy that prayer and meditation brings to these focal points.

I wonder if the same thing has happened in the US with Indian sites? I have no personal knowledge. As they say,” All roads lead to Rome”, not only the roads I feel.

Even in the smallest of villages that spread across Europe, these lines can be found. They accumulate like streams into rivers till they meet the sea, or world grid. At Lourdes in the Pyrenee Mountains there is a 64 line that can I have dowsed, which is the largest collection of lines before joining the world grid through a portal. The portal is likened to a membrane that carries out the function of osmosis of energy. But here again there is a great concentration of a religious order that uses these energies and human contribution to the same effect that this thread is trying to create.

Obviously I do not wish to be a kill joy and have the best intentions for everyone involved in this meditation. I have this nagging feeling that comes back evrytime. I cann't ignore it because it comes from my higher self. I would suggest that the people involve should develope a meditation group and focus only on the local regions of where you are. Trying to tackle the whole world in one go is a big mouthful, and could be contributing to an alternative energy source.

If you travel the lines and see different places then you may come across the sentinals that filter each check point. This is a duality that we must over come. Although I feel it cannot be done on a mass scale. This is done on an individual basis.

As I said I don't want to be a kill joy just want people to know what they are getting into. Anyone can do it, break through the clouds that cover the true reality. The knowledge is there for all to discover.

Just don't want any one to full into the pit of blind following, without the true knowledge of how it works in truth.

With my true respect and love lawlessline
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