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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Friends here is an announcement I made for the our 8th of february event.
Feel free to use it to spread the word around you.


Nexus 2012 project announcement

As a preparation to the global meditation events on sacred sites
Nexus 2012 is planning a series of global synchronized meditation events from home.

We are starting on Sunday Feb 8 2009 (5 PM Greenwich mean Time)

Everyone who wants to join the first run or try of tuning into meditative etheric ONENESS,
has to start with the meditation according to the Time Zone of his/her location.

For a time table guidance check nexus 2012 website here (bottom of the page)

As suggested by Astralwalker the home synchronized global meditation will be kept going
on a regular basis twice a week every wednesday and sunday

This will be done on the same basis as the 8th of february first meditation
according to the Time Zone of everyone's location.

The special music chosen to go along with it will be downloadable for free on the Nexus web site:
(this is still in the process to be voted so check the link below for final choice)

Nexus website link:

Those unfamiliar with meditation techniques can find some basic guide lines here:

Looking forwward to resonate with your hearts as ONE.
In the loving presence

(nexus 2012 nexus project member)

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