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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Startrekka View Post
The new Meditation Addendum ebook is now available for download...along with SIX others...all FREE.

They're on my web site at this link.

That's my voluntary page in support of the Nexus 2012 project, which really resonates with my "Earth Change Report" newsletter and the various articles on my site.

A lot of them go to the current scientific reports about earth changes - rising sea levels, the coming solar storms (as mentioned by Astral Walker in previous posts) and so on.

They are an information resource so those who are becoming aware of these things can take steps to prepare.

And I DO suggest that as a matter of balance we should be preparing and taking care of the body physical while we also use the Nexus 2012 Meditation Project to focus on changing some of these projected events.

Go Here For Those Free Ebooks.


Thank youMichael for your support to the nexus project.
Having heard of the number of people who have downloaded these books already it's really highly appreciated !
I can only recommend people to visit your website and absorb all the valuable data your are putting there for all to share.

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