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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by PhiedPiper View Post
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say that Perseide has been extremely kind and has helped me to find a cure I think will work for me. I have been to see two doctors and they don't seem to be willing to do anything to help me, but yet the problem has been getting worse for months and recently it hit the point where I could no longer even meditate or concentrate on my work.

With any luck, the cure will be just what I need (MMS), and I will be back to participating and working towards an improved meditation file soon afterwards!

I am still very drained but I will try and be back as soon as possible with the good news that it is working and I am getting better again.

take care everyone!

PS: and thanks Perseide! i really didn't know what i was going to do for awhile, it was so frustrating!
Hello Phied,

Very happy to hear your found in MMS something that seems to help you going through your present health condition. More than once did I hear here in Avalon of the benefits of these minerals.
Sending you extra energy and good vibes.
Your music was great to listen to. I really enjoyed the whole event.
Thank you !

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