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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Allright! Here we go again!

Statistics for the 07.03.09 Nexus2012 Meditation
(all numbers arrived at using a calibration method called Applied Kinesiology or simply "muscle testing"):

Total number of participants: 2100 - 2200 people

Number of people that meditated the full hour: 1300-1400 people

The 5th Nexus2012 Global meditation event calibrated at 560-565 on the Scale/Map of Consciousness

The Nexus 2012 - Meditation-II music calibrates at: 700-750 on the Scale/Map:

Level 500 is the level where Love becomes more and more Unconditional. Level 540+ is the level of Unconditional Love.


Not much has changed since last weeks report. It seems at least 2000 people are somewhat commited to this project by now, and are participating on a regular basis...


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