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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The universe is a dance, alive with holy energy that brings forth and engages all things in rhythmic relationship -- stars and galaxies, suns and planets, birds and butterflies, winds, waters, and soil, toads, and humans -- all in one grand harmonious dance! Earth is a divine work of art in process, a poem unfolding, a song ever being sung, always bringing forth greater and greater expressions of beauty and love.

This I believe! Each of us is a dancer in this cosmic dance. Each being, each human alive today is here it participate in the creative adventure that is the universe. There can be no spectators. Some deep longing -- each one's unique gift, a passion for belonging, our dream for a world of love and unity -- is urging us to get up and dance!

I see that I am not a separate entity, and never could be, because the tiny particles of my body are dancing, intermingling with the particles of life around me. It is not a matter of "them" and "me", whether this be people, rocks, sea anemones, clouds, or rabbits on the run. Rather, it is a matter of "us...."

Mary Southard
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