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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Allright! Here we go again!

Statistics for the 04.04.09 Nexus2012 Meditation
(all numbers arrived at using a calibration method called Applied Kinesiology or simply "muscle testing"):

Total number of participants: 3550 - 3600 people

Number of people that meditated the full hour: 2650 - 2700 people

The 9th Nexus2012 Global meditation event calibrated around 570 on the Scale/Map of Consciousness:

Level 500 is the level where Love becomes more and more Unconditional. Level 540+ is the level of Unconditional Love.


Things have a tendency to stabilize themselves at a certain level before new movement and growth can happen. I think that is the best way to interpret the numbers from yesterdays meditation. Not much growth this week, but at least well over 3000 people are now regulars in this project. New people join and at the same time I guess "old people" that have participated before might skip a meditation for various of individual reasons.

I found this project: which is interesting.

The mission of Live H2O

This is a totally free, non-profit, 72-hour global event to bring humanity back to unity in the name of LOVE, by celebrating the sacred water of the Earth. Are you a performer, musician, technician or videographer? Be a part of this incredible event!

Join us! Tune in here at Live on June 19th-21st. Bring your friends, family, voices, drums, art, music and LOVE to the closest venue in your country. Co-create this grand celebration -the greatest spiritual concert in history- "all together NOW!"

World Prayer on Sunday, June 21, 5PM (PST)
Heart Connections

Human hearts worldwide will “marry” the “Universal Solvent” Water, using the “Universal Language” Music, to produce the “Universal Healer” LOVE.

For 72 hours, celebrities, authors, film-makers, recording artists, spiritual teachers, and religious leaders from all cultures will grace at least nine main stages internationally at venues adjacent important bodies of Water. These programs will be filmed and broadcast “live” in high definition and made available for viewing and rebroadcasting using the video wall below.

For the first time in history, viewers worldwide will interact freely and synchronously, singing, chanting, and praying together over the Internet, engage dozens of "channels" of Water theme programming, thus produce their own experience in “real time” uniting with the millions of brothers and sisters everywhere.
Interesting to note is that according to my research the Oceans of the world always reflect the mass consciousness of humanity when calibrated. Water is very receptive indeed. Perhaps this is an event this project could synchronize with?



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