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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Ė Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Thank you Sanat for the statistics.

Slower dynamic on the thread, but this had happened few times before. No worries. It will get better.

People, please have Faith in what we and others are doing. We will get there. Just sink into your inner being; believe that there is good out there and do your own magic.

Please spread the word, find large meditative groups and make an effort to synchronize them with us, or we can synchronize with them. Makes no difference ,until we are growing in numbers and we are doing the psionic healing transmission.

Please mention the May 9th event and ask them if they resonate with the idea and if they like to join.

I had heard with Perseide this morning and he will prepare something very good for the next week.

I was planning to introduce spinning crop circle video files for the global meditation during the next month or so, but if you feel you are ready we can start sooner.

This will take us even closer to telepathic connection.

The quickening is happening and the same software will pump up everywhere in the Matrix.

So we can expect even greater gatherings soon.

So please donít lose faith, donít lose focus and letís do the max we can...because everything counts.

1355 days until the end of the cycle.

Please do not fall asleep in the Matrix and stay alert and fully aware of the cycle, the changes that are happening at this moment and what can we do to help.

Respect to you all,
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