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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The shift

The shift is about awakening and awareness. About living in the "now".

The shift is about understanding that old solutions don't work anymore.

The shift is about realizing we are all one, we are all related, one race, one family, one humanity.

The shift is about realizing this world is our home, our only home and what we do to it, we do to us. The whole planet is alive.

The shift is about realizing that there is more to our universe than the 5 senses can detect. That we are enmeshed in a field or matrix of energy that emanates from a source and continues infinitely. That other dimensions exist and can be found.

The shift is about change. Not abandonment of old institutions or teachings, but seeing them clearly and revitalizing them.

The shift is about caring for everyone and judging no one.

Buckle up, the shift is happening now.

Be the shift from within and enjoy it without
It's contagious


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