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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Astralwalker View Post
Respected friends,

The final preparations for the crop circle files are in motion, so if some of you is still interested, they will be coming soon...

I cannot spend the time on the forum as before, but I will deliver the files, so whatever you do with them is your choice...

Knowledge is the Secret for understanding the Wisdom of the Universe.

Respect to all of you,

Astralwalker ,

You are loved and respected here .
All together we did a great job of gathering around the synchronized and global
meditations you intitiated for us.
You have a team of dedicated souls around you on nexus.
We are working with ONE heart and aiming at the same goal as you.
All you did and are still doing is highly appreciated.
How could we be on different paths when we are all sailing on the same boat .
There might be storms at times and the crew is shaken but these are just
challenges to stand for unity and see that despite the different colors we are made
of in our essence we are ONE.

Kindness to you

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