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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I see we've reached the break or make point.

In my eyes, this is where the old paradigm sheds itself from the new.
A few pre-emptive statements on that:

Samarkis, it may be that technoshamanic has crossed the border of respect. To measure this against what Astralwalker has done however shouldn't be the concern of a moderator. I think anybody can see that you wouldn't be distanced enough to judge on the matter, as little as Astralwalker, me or technoshamanic. If a moderator has a say in this, I demand that it be someone who has little to do with Nexus.

By Truthseeker360
There are may ways to catch fish with nets for trawling for but many are lost along the way.
Or you can use a hand and tickle the fish and be at one.

There are many yet to be awakened,and are not yet concious to benefit .

Im sure that your marketing skills will be probably be invaluable at the right time.
Remeber you to were once the learner driver in front.
Do not be frustrated but take foot of the gas and let them think.
What you say is true. Let's forget about the marketing skills and who is reached by the the word. 7000 or whatever it is is a fraction of humankind and I'm sure any part will do. There are more important matters at hand after all:

On secrecy: I posted this on another thread already. I consider it a sign of a new paradigm that there is no longer a complete 'learn the basics first' system. Things don't have an order anymore, they jump in time and space, at least that's my experience and regarding what you all write here you experience something similar. However, we're in transition so we're stuck between the paradigms. NEVERTHELESS, the old paradigm never worked for me that way, why?

By Czymra
Yes, I have to learn and understand things for myself. Things can't be taught by words. However, that doesn't mean that a certain someone has to keep any secret. If s/he speaks the words and I'm not ready, I simply won't understand.

My friends (you call them mentors and masters) share all they can put in words. They are seeds in my part of consciousness that grow when times are ready.

Another sign of an old paradigm is hierarchy. It might very well be that there is too much testosterone around, I concur. That does not mean though that anything that's marked with testosterone is invalid ladies.
I find technoshamanics accusation is fully justified (I know, no surprise there, I'm just another baddie).

So we reached a make or break point... because we're in the old paradigm. That is at least what I believe. Astralwalker doesn't let things run free. He herds the project as his own and even worse, most others follow him along willingly. I personally can't believe the statement above of someone that feels that his/her place 'is to follow'.
Follow you may but that still isn't free of responsibility to be yourself and find your place accordingly. Simply shelling in your energy isn't enough.

If I can make the idea any clearer with a picture, then I think we're currently an onion... AstralWalker and possibly Phied sit on the top... and there is a broad mass at the bottom.
Everyone may be allow to self-propagate the message, but dare you question the way things have just 'naturally panned out'. I think things have fallen in to a pattern of the old paradigm simply because it's a free ride ticket and people can't be bothered to find their place within the structure.
Fine, there are a lots of bridges, walkways and holes around and within the onion... but as you see the onion will crack apart soon anyway.

In the new paradigm, we have to be much more like water, a raindrop if you will, that adjusts to the direction of gravity and wind and each particle within finds it's own place due to the makeup of the particle and the necessity of the given situation. This means however that each particle has a responsibility to find their place and contribute what they can, nut just sit around and feel good about themselves with the typical New Age excuses (and spare me with chemistry lessons now about the onion being just as 'liquid' as the raindrop, it's an allegory, and the raindrops system is quicker in adapting.)

Kathleen quoted something interesting before on the 'hijacking' thread:
Has Avalon been hijacked under the Nexus guise? No. Au contraire. I believe someone or some group is trying to hijack Nexus.
I think that's a valid point. Are technoshamanic and I trying to hijack the Nexus thread? I'm sure it can make that impression. We're most likely government agents that have now finally zeroed in on Astralwalker to finally thwart this wave of positivity because it threatens our reign.

It could also be that we are the freedom fighters that finally wrest yet another mass of 'human resources' out of the wolf in sheep skin.

I don't think either of that is true however. I think Astralwalker is sincere, but I also do think he sees himself as some kind of shepard....
If we are no sheep then we need no shepard.

Astralwalker before:
By Astralwalker
In any case, what is done is done, l move on. I do not do this for money or for publicity...I do this because I believe in this with all my heart and soul. Don’t get me wrong, I can leave all this anytime and from one point of view I have done my job. But as you can see I stay and intend to finish this right, till it is accomplished.

So I can not deal 24 hours per day with so many people clamming that are gurus, enlightenment ones, smart guys, that have all the answers of the Universe and I even have not time to hear ones that are totally on the right track and have extremely genius ideas as result of that. So if I do something, I really cannot go back to basics and start explaining things how this is like this or like that. In fact everything is already posted that has to be done to this point - between the lines, and with just a little further research on the net.

So I deliver as much as I can and as much I consider is sufficient for now. There are many others out there who are watching closely and waiting to get and understand this dynamics that I’m speaking for their personal agendas and intentions. So I deliver when we are ready as large meditative group and once we are ready and we are doing it, it is not important anymore - because it was accomplished.

Please accept this only as friendly thoughts and nothing more. So many was explained so far, and how we will go incomparable more will be explained in the future...
Astralwalker, you wouldn't have to answer half as many eMails if you established the transparency and peers which you trust to do more of the 'work' for you. I understand that the project can then fall into anyone's hands, but that is what must happen. We are to prove ourselves of being able to handel this. Many watchful eyes must lay on the effort.... that is in my belief at least the way things must be. Everyone must take full responsibility for their part of the whole and the passing of the whole. That means that each one must be given overview.

Astralwalker said:
By Astralwalker
Look my friend...once more, we are doing just fine.

There is a major website building in this moment about global meditation with far greater promotional capabilities and connections to the whole world.

So if you resonate with the idea we are doing you are most welcome.

But if you are here to do damage or to promote your own agendas, I will assure you that I will not allow you to do this on this thread after months of hard work by many that broths us on this level.
If this was truly as organic and natural as you claimed both websites could exist at the same time. Technoshamanic isn't talking about centralisation, the very opposite in fact.
I second his doubt, as long as this silly hierarchy is standing, nothing will be new and in that regard I think that in fact, stepping down from your position as you suggested above, Astralwalker, may be the wisest thing to do.
I do realise the danger this might bring.

ALL I can offer in that respect is that I step down at the same time. Truth be told as things pan out at the moment I want to have rather little to do with it anyway but that is all I can offer. You go, I go. Maybe technoshamanic is humble enough to do the same seeing as he has been a catalyst for this.

Leave the process with trust to the people that have received it. Send the child on it's merry way.

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