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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Dear friends, be patient...I can tell you this as I've been there...
Please be asured that this is the right way...Why may you ask?

Well, I've had the same experience 3-4 years ago. The person who guided me thru the whole process did the same thing as Astralwalker now...He didn't revealed all his knowledge at once.

He would only gave me a hint or two, which obviously made me curious and I started my researches. All over again. Months and years now of research.

The most important thing is, he also said that if he only tell me all that he knew, the amount of lost energy would not do good for me, but will also hurt him too. For any reason that I still do not understand...

After all, I am very, very thankfull he did as he did. I wouldn't be here without him, his "secrecy" and correct guidance.

And obviously, I have reached his level now and have even gone beyond. This is something that he already confirmed.

So I understand your thurst for knowledge, but be is worth of...

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