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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Uhhh...I just returned to a computer. I guess I had missed a lot of activity.

After reading all this ... all I can conclude is:

Look from a bright side. A lot of tension in a form of pressured energies was released and some interesting subjects were touched. I guess some points were constructive and some were not.

Now, after all tension is off and everyone said what he/she wanted to express, let’s go on.


After every storm comes the Sun. So after this release of tensions - let’s move further.

The primary objective:

Accomplishing Collective Consciousness through Global Meditation. Singe focus of Intent and generation of extremely strong positive emotional charge that will cause a recovery and regeneration of the energetic makeup of our Planet.

I received the feedback from Mikey that the file that Perseide had sent to him is wonderful, but still too large for downloading and we have two options before us for the tomorrow meditation.

First – we can use the audio file from the previous run

Second – we can use the video files directly from the Internet in a form of Playlist. (autoplay option)
Mikey is suggesting that we leave this video-audio Solfeggio Harmonics file for the next run which will be ready for download on time, and to use the Phied-Dayzero file that was used the previous Saturday.

I think it is reasonable that we vote which file we will be using.

Personally I would prefer to go on the

which will improve all this and will take this to whole another level, but this could be troublesome if too many people go on the same webpage in the same time. It could easily cause the files to be load slower, but in other hand it could not and we will do just fine.

So, if you think that is reasonable, we can vote for which option do you prefer that we use for this Saturday.

The Solfeggio Harmonics video file will be ready for the next run for download but we can still start with it directly from the net if you like.

If not we can use the previous audio file that was made by Phied-Dayzero.

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