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But how many people know how to count up to bleen ??

s'ok Gita.. I know you were 'avin a giraffe

I think synchronicty, and signs and intuition play an important part in our lives.. so I'm not dissin' the esoteric messages.

But I'm just putting out the possibility that it means nothing too. If you could lift the lid off this organic computer/life/universe and see the workings and what they mean... then, with this knowledge, even slicing through a leaf, or listening to a bird song could tell you at any moment, exactly what's happening in the world.. and what is about to happen.

My own feeling though is that the 'science' or, say, numerology, is not one we can...or are supposed to understand. Maybe on occasion... the odd glitch allows us to see something really simple ... but I think that as soon as you place value on something using your mind.. then its esoteric use as a messenger changes and it no longer means what it did five days or five seconds ago.

If the number 22 always portented the same thing...what would that mean for the world?

Who'd get on a bus ??

Peace n love..

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