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Default Re: GREATER TORONTO AREA / Ontario canada -- April 5/12 MEETINGS

Creating the Canadian Radiant Zones
a place for sustainable community - art/music & spirituality
basically, the world's most unique spiritual community & learning centre/university

Location: Plans for 2 or 3 locations in Canada
One in Ste. Lucie, PQ
One in Ontario
One in Western Canada

This is a huge project, and, we have a lot of skill & talent,
amongst, those who where at the meeting in Feb 2009.
I have room, for approx 22 people / RSVP please

Join us, for a part/or full day
on SUNDAY APRIL 12/2009
from 10am-12 noon
POTLUCK Lunch 12-1pm
from 1pm-6pm

Will post an agenda for the meeting:
(if anyone has the list, of emails from the last meeting)
please forward it to us, via themail here

If you wish to present something,
contact me, otherwise,
if you have ideas,
for what, you want on the agenda,
please feel free, to table your suggestions...
& i will create/draw up an agenda,
arrive any time: after 9:30 am

(Will be revealed to those who email us)
QEW & Hurontario Street aka Hwy 10
Mississauga, Ontario L5G 2R9

(there is guest parking -- or, you can park
next door at the HUF GYM/store,
at Crestlawn/and, South Service Road,
and, walk in - it takes about 2-3 minutes)

Things to bring:
Pot Luck Lunch - bring 1 dish to share,
along with , 1 plate, 1 spoon, 1 fork, and, 1 knife
along, with a Coffee Cup / and, Water Bottle

We will supply: coffee/tea - sugar & milk
juice/filtered water/ice cubes etc.,

PLEASE RSVP - Room for approx 22 people
+ xxx

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