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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Someone mentioned something about the times that really makes sense - it would be hard to get everyone in every time zone synchronized completely. At least until we maybe have good reason to later on.

So what we can maybe do is make a spread across the weekend somehow. Maybe we can figure something out across the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend in question that works for everyone.

The synchronization factor is something that warrants looking into and I welcome anyone who would like to try their hand is a good resource

I have also developed a special breathing technique I would like to try to include, if not immediately, then perhaps later on down the road. The technique seems to lead consistently to out-of-body experiences, which could be quite exciting for those who have not experienced them before. In the case of what we are trying to accomplish here, this could be quite effective, as it would likely maximize everyone contribution of output into the grid since maintaining awareness of physical body usually takes up so much of the "100%".

The file is coming along! I'm trying to get the full hour done from the get-go since that's how long it'll be regardless, whether we find a way to do a single session together across the whole world, or end up having to divide it into regions. If the event grows down the road, it wouldn't be such a big deal to do a global "wave" across the time zones, so to speak

Just would be nice to have the maximum effect right from the first one when we are the smallest group.

take care everyone

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