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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Hi everyone,

There is some further validating information in this personal account, someone who really went to the Giza Pyramid and felt the energy there. There have been countless common observations to indicate the same.

The idea is that there is something crucial in optimizing conditions for the out of body experience for very specific reasons we will get into soon.

There is a technique I have studied in advanced acoustic engineering that revolves around modeling virtual spaces to simulate alternate acoustics - and this is exactly one of the things we will be including later on, until such a time arrives when we can hopefully literally begin constructing physical enclosures to specification. If I have the chance I will at some point try to measure the difference in effectiveness between a simulation and the real thing.

The idea is to get these pyramid acoustics and properties for other wavelengths modeled. Try to think of the tip of a pyramid as one "octave" and the base as another octave. Imagine the tip is not actually pointy, but an infinitessimally small square. The idea is that one is energetically adjusting the "proportions" of the light body, by shifting octaves (remember, in many ways a frequency an octave above or below is in a way the same thing as the original, and it doesn't matter how many octaves you skip).

Here is an important point that everyone should be clear on:

Reality does not exist within finite boundaries, and this is true on many different degrees of freedom. The degrees that concern us here are the macro and micro.

These degrees really extend infinitely in either direction, further and further into the decimal points in the micro direction, and further into the added zeros in the macro direction. The concept of a true "quantum leap" is accurate whereby one jumps so many octaves in "one direction or the other", such that the original sub-spectrum of reality is no longer relatively relevant to the new one (i.e. the old one could be imperceivably micro or macro to the new one).

The breathing technique I will be teaching at some point works with this fact to consistently detach the light body from the physical body. This is to say, once we are a ways into it, we will see to it that everyone participating become expert Astral Travellers (or astral walkers if you like, hehe). This is a very important point of what we are setting forth to do.

This should about do it before the posting of the first file for people to try out. I will be pairing it with the original draft of the breathing technique description so that people can practice it in the meantime. I'll be working on a better description of the technique since I got a lot of feedback from the original project I need to update it with.

Looks like I could have something by the end of the weekend!

PS: Don't worry too much regarding organization of the "pilot" event everyone, we will get the kinks worked out in time for the warmer season which is what is most important - the more of us we can get out and away from the electromagnetic centres (aka cities), the better!

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