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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by Antonia View Post
Hello again everyone on Nexus... I've been very busy with 3d work and offline for a bit but am still with the Nexus project wholeheartedly...

The Irish ground crew... many are not in to paying subscription, are aware of Nexus..and we are all meeting on Feb 8th on a sacred hill right in the middle of ireland (We live across the four corners of the country) to do a first run .... and will be meeting again on March 9th..

Ferdia, Island man, Regeaman , 5th density and a few others.. have all pledged up to this.. Ferdia.. doing great work in preperation.... and we all have friends who are joining in...

It's been raining and windy here for weeks so I would imagine it will be no different on Sunday... Typical Irish weather... it will be very dramatic doing this on a wild windy wet hill top in the dark... good practice ... I am so energised by this project... as well as a wee bit excited as formany of us it willbe the first time we meet in the flesh... quite an adventure...
Courage Love and Blessings ... Antonia
Fantastic Antonia !
What a thrilling experience this will be.
I would happily join you if you were living next door

All the best to all of you on the 8th !
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