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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

With regard to the Solfeggio freq:

DO NOT COVERT THIS TO MP3 FORMAT AS IT LOSES ITS EFFECTIVENESS ONCE CONVERTED TO OTHER FORMATS FROM ‘.WAV’ FORMAT. IT WILL NOT WORK IF IT’S NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL .WAV. FORMAT. Try and listen to it with out tinkering the equalizer as this changes the frequency’s effectiveness. Keeping the audio options in flat would be advisable.

1. When listening for the first time, it is advised that you lie down and get to the most comfortable state and switch on the track…or get to the most relaxed position on your chair before you start.

2. Keep the volume at the maximum possible that you could handle.

3. You could feel a pounding sensation at the back of the head starting from the top of the neck to gradually ending at the brow by the time the audio finishes.

4. You “might” feel nauseated after you finish listening to the audio and may also have a head ache and pounding for sometime later as you’re basically experiencing new Neural pathways being created between both halves of the brain. As this pounding and headache reduces in a little while you’ll feel better / fresher that you have ever felt before..Enjoy this feeling! your ascension process has started. [...]
more here and also a 10 minutes file can be found at:

You can down a file there that moves through all the frequencies in original wav format, but it last only 10 minutes (100 MB). After what I hear from people 1 hour of this would perhaps be too strong for many. Perhaps the file that can be downed there can be mixed with the one we already got? Perhaps start out with that the first ten minutes to kickstart things... Just a suggestion.
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