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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


This is my first message. I have signed up today strictly for the purpose of voicing these concerns.

DISCLAIMER: Please do not take offense in any of these comments, these are meant strictly as CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, meaning I have some issues with how this works right now but I also propose solutions!

I strongly feel that the main objective at this point should be getting out the message and not overly complicating things (or at least introduce gradation, i.e. have this as an option for those that like to experiment, but accept each has their own best method).

We need to unite around the intent and simplify it for everyone or we will loose a lot of people!!!


1. Web site

a) Lack of structure
SOLUTION: clean up the interface, revise and implement a better menu structure, include a language menu for easier access to language-specific content

b) Difficult coordination of participative content creation
SOLUTION: start with implementing a CMS with rights/permissions and/or Wiki so that more people can participate in creating the content!

b) Heavy content
SOLUTION: strive towards a slim diet with content (i.e. don't put large images and embedded videos on each page), move videos to a dedicated section and/or a linked Youtube channel

c) Information overload
SOLUTION revise the text content to be more digestable, introduce gradation - there are people who already know most of this science, they just need to know the intent and how to participate if they are willing!

2. Forum discussion

I think at this point the Healing Experiment must go beyond Project Avalon and this demands, among other things, its own discussion forum. We need input from as many people as possible!

3. Promotion

a) Promotional materials - there is no (one page!) leaflet nor a poster to promote the event and the invitation created by Astralwalker is IMHO way too much for someone who has let's say less than 1 minute to find out what this is all about (let's say they're passing by a poster or reading a leaflet they just picked up.. hmm?)

SOLUTION: I'm including a draft poster created by my lovely talented wife - our aim was a clear message presented in a simple visual form; this could well be adapted into a leaflet and even design of a hopefully more readable web site. I suggest the rest of the text from the original invitation should be edited into its own article, to be posted on the revised website

b) Coordinating "spreading the message" - this needs more discussion (perhaps on the new forum!), but basically I think in order to reach as many people as possible (or needed!) we need to find a way to coordinate this work more efficiently.

4. Secrecy

This "shroud of secrecy" no longer can serve any purpose but to loose people!!! (who will either run scared or laugh it off as "holier-than-thou" talk). There needs to be ABSOLUTE TRANSPARENCY, anything less is NOT ACCEPTABLE, neither are one liner answers.

P.S. I have started a new thread for this discussion @
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