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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

I had wanted to return with something in hand but this information I recently received was too relevant to the project to wait to share.

It appears that AW's words were very much accurate, regarding this interstellar cloud, and the effects it could have on allowing cosmic rays to penetrate the solar system in the near future.

Now, it is my impression that these rays could affect the planet in a number of drastically different possible ways. One possible way reflects the potentially devastating effects that AW mentioned, involving relocation to specific areas of the earth.

However, it is my firm belief that things like our current project could make the whole difference between such aforementioned effects, and quite positive effects as I have heard advocated elsewhere by equally plausible sources.

Thus, I believe it remains in our hands to determine whether upcoming events result in a quantum leap in evolution, or instead a global "reset" whereby only the few would be adequately prepared.

Thus, I will make every effort to expedite my work towards creating something suitable to use as the foundation for our project so that I may begin obtaining feedback from a sister project I am planning to involve in the "grid" we will be establishing once the project begins in earnest. I am doing this partially as a way of producing verifiable feedback on whether we are successfully activating the grid.

So long as the data suggests we are succeeding, it will suffice to simply, from then on, do everything in our ability to grow the project so that it yields the maximum number of participants possible.

To do that I am hoping to make a clear distinction between the circumstantial benefits of unsynchronized meditations as compared to the controlled and reproduceable benefits of synchronized meditations such as the ones we will be shortly engaging in.

Hopefully clarifying that distinction will make the difference for those "on the fence" who would (quite frankly) probably have my company had I not been participating in the project already.

I'm really hoping to get some feedback on these comments but I suppose it is irrelevant until we are actually working with the first file I am nearly finished with. I regret keeping everyone waiting, but it is not the musical portion of the file that is taking so long, it is the underlying fractal structures, complete with a myriad of binaural and isochronic pulsation textures that is taking me so long to find the right balance for. Some are sending me too far in and others not far enough. It also needs to play out just so over the course of the hour. I'm hoping for something within a few weeks time.

Take care everyone, until then.

Phied Piper
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