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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


Until we get Phied's music Sideshow Shaman posted very interesting music files on the healing, solfegios thread .
He said :
A few years ago there was an internet user that claimed to have personal contact with a human from the future that they referred to as 'Emit Rekkert'. Sparse info is left on the net about this obscure little story. 'Emit' was said to be a wingmaker and disappeared after a short while.

Before leaving this 'Emit' allowed some music files from his future timeline to be transferred onto the 'net for general download. These are the files linked below.

The music is frequency based. It has a soothing, uplifting effect. Emit cautioned that it can be slightly addictive simply because it is pleasing. If it becomes a craving, stop listening for a while. Emit stated that all music in the future is of this nature.
Here is a link to his post:

The music is extremely beautifull and soothing.

Love from me
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