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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

The Redemption of the New World Cycle, foretold to come in 2013 and beyond, is a flower that is blossoming inside our hearts, now. Do not wait for anything; do the work of your life’s awakening that is blatantly in front of you. The Divine Descent, the Terrestrial forces rising, the Human Soul resurrecting its remembrance of its sacred place in the One Web of Creation is a process that is already underway and will only deepen as time unfolds. The new energies that are prophesied to come and positively influence our collective consciousness towards wisdom and compassion are landing inside of us. Our opportunity is to continue clearing space for higher vibrations to root and dwell within us that they may inform our journey. The ground of transformation is our internal being, therefore our quest is to align our bodies and hearts together, with our highest potential, to be of ultimate service to the family of life.

As we soften our selves, receptive to the One Heart, so our physical and spiritual selves integrate and fortify one another. We become more equipped to serve our life’s destiny by tending to our responsibilities with much mindfulness, always humbling ourselves by recognizing the endless depths of which to learn.

A new world age dawning is not necessarily a supernatural event, but rather a time-released return, a simple, collective deepening awareness of our interconnectedness, remembering something essential we have long forgotten.

We are the beings who are so blessed to be alive in these times, enduring the initiations of this chapter in the Mystery School’s curriculum! Our pains, wounds, and sufferings are precious thorns on the growing roses within our Divine Garden.

Aryz Eden Sky

Love Always
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