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Default Re: Will you leave if the forum is a Paid Subscription?

Thinking about this issue several questions have come to mind.

Firstly who pays for Bill and Kerrys trips to interview witnesses and whistleblowers, do they pay for this out of their own pockets? That is a considerable burdon if they do.

Do the whistleblowers contribute themselves to get Bill and Kerry to come and interview which case they would have to be very careful that they did not generate a conflict of interest. i.e. a potential witness could hope to tap into the forums audience for their own interests. Some of these people may have books and other items to promote etc.

Thinking about this further I would be very happy if my contributions were used by Bill and Kerry for their expenses so that such a conflict would not arise.

Dutchie I think your comment highly uncharitable but perhaps the timing of this poll coinciding so closely with Bills intentions to relocate is perhaps unfortunate.
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