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Default Re: Don't Be Afraid to Move On [Branch Topic]

Originally Posted by m1* View Post
I wont pretend to know exactly what happens once we're gone from this place. But there are some things I do know. If (after judgment) we're deemed to be suitable, we're going to be 1). Immortal 2). Able to do everything Jesus did in the Bible 3). Never sick -- that's all I need to know to encourage me to live my life in a way that allows me to love. I'm not perfect at it. I've done some pretty horrid things in this life. However, I know that love is where my heart needs to be -- that is where my intention is and I do try.
M1, is there something that says you are not suitable? Where is this information that you do know? I am not picking on you, I want to know why you know this.. is all.
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