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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

Originally Posted by PhiedPiper View Post
Hi everyone. I am the engineer mentioned by astral walker. There have been attempts to find a central starting place for this project for quite some time now. Many preliminary projects have gone into gathering the needed elements to come together, many of which have yet to happen.

This is no concern. Some of us are operating out of linear time now in certain senses, we know we have a very good shot at this.

At any moment along our way there, one by one people will reach the point where something hits them hard in the heart, causing the heartbeat to increase, you can feel a little dizzy or lightheaded. This is when you realize this is all very real, it's happening. We are not going to be fighting anyone. We are going to be working to restore the earth or to leave it. The technologies being developed can work equally well to both.

I would like to start slowly for now, get to know others. I want everyone to know who reads here that they are just as important as everyone else in this process, and everyone can help out. In fact, everyone has a unique and crucial role to serve, and we can't do without anyone. In such events we would always have to readapt to a modification to the plan.

There are people like myself who have trained and have been trained their whole lives for something like this specifically, there are so many stories to tell. It will not be without obstacles. But it can be done.

After this introductory post, I'll try to reread the parts that concern me (and James for that matter) the most and see what might be the best way to explain this to everyone what is going on here and how people can help out.

I have to bring in a lot of texts from previous projects, including one I considered to be a direct previous project to this one, a phase 1 where this is a phase 2 project. The previous project took almost 5 years.

Just so everyone is sure - yes this is real, something is really going to come of this. If it were allowed, I would even consider calling IT Project Avalon, if any of you have ever seen the movie Avalon, this is the exact same idea - we are escaping to class Real, in one way or another.

We'll try to move forward piece by piece at a time, I don't have the photo stock astralwalker does so my posts can get a little lenghly, so I will try breaking them up more often after this.

I will have however many sets of audiofiles from 2009 and onwards I would like to share. I can tell you you can just these files they will be designed to balance and enhance many mental functions to assist people to become primed for some of the more exciting events/experiments in the times to come. There are no ethical concerns in these thanks to previous preliminary studies - it's a way of working our way up to some of the most amazing experiences imaginable and everything leading up to them will be made of the same materials the large scale experiences will be made of.

Later I may introduce audiovisual files as well, and for those that understand multichannel audio and can send a separate channel to sub, then audio-visual-tactile files in the end. But it is more likely the latter of experiments will be done in clinics and in festival workshops in the summers.

The one thing we will always promise is that although we will be causing people to leave temporarily, no one will ever be trapped outside of their bodies when they want to come back. All materials will contain the means to ensure a safe return.

However, if things happen and the time comes to send people off without coming back, experienced guides will always be provided to accompany what I could call the "early boats". No one will ever have to leave alone.

Many groups are concentrating their efforts together towards a safe means for astral travel for all. A portal through the astral planes will be preserved until the very end. In all likelihood the main departures, if necessary, will happen when the rays arrive. This is the energy that is needed to catapult the masses through.

I still have hopes this will not be necessary but it is looking more and more as though this will be the case. We will abandon an earth destined to "reset" those it needs to reset after we are gone, save a few.

There is still a possibility we can use these same technologies, as I say, to heal the earth itself, but it is certain people who are the main concern between the two possibilities, not whether or not it is actually possible to heal the earth. It is - we just may not be allowed to when we begin trying to rule out that possibility first.

We will see, but in the meantime, there are many more preliminary details to discuss before we go into the heart of the matter.

Take care all,

Phied Piper
Wow!! this stuff really is making my day!! I can feel a burst of energy flowing through my bofy as I type in this post... I want to be part of this, I live in Canada and I don'T see much stuff going on here... I hope I will be able to take part of this from here.

I read some really good things on Tom Kenyon's web site... he is working with the Hathors and with his voice to heal dome parts of the earth... really interesting.

there is also DRUNVALO MELCHIZEDEK who is helping earth's kundalini rising with a group of meditation. You must read his work.

Thank you all... everybody in this thread for being here with us I feel so blessed just knowing you all exist.

Thanx AstralWalker you did an amazing work at giving birth to this movement... I see this thread like a chain reaction that expands at light speed and you are the seed.

Thanx to Kerry and Bill for everything they built so far and for trying to respect their main goal wich is getting the information out

Respect and love
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