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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!


The update on Alstralwalker is that there is some admin problem that still needs to be solved .
For this we await the mod Garreth who seems to be the only one that will be able to sort out what's has been taking place with Astral's IP adress.
Garreth should give us some news in a few days .

When that matter has found a solution we may hope to see Astralwalker back on the thread.

We always appreciated Phiedpiper's music that he designed for nexus .
He unfortunately got ill though for many months and was'nt able to bring a finalized product for the meds.

At the moment we haven't found unity as to what music to listen to or the use of the spinning crop circles.
Due to this I believe several people that were active on nexus left the boat.

The thread has been kept alive though as the core of us still believe in that Love pulse we want to create through the joining of our Hearts.
And we keep our weekly synchronized meditations going on a regular basis.

Phiedpiper is now back .
Before Christmas he promised to release a new file that should come out this year .

This and Astralwalker's return on the thread will I believe help giving a new stir to Nexus.

So don't be disappointed there hope ahead

Love Always
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