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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event – Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

A Mysterious ‘Ice Circle’ Discovered in NE USA
The ‘Crop Circle’ Like Phenomenon Continues in 2003

By Ed Sherwood

On March 11th 2003 an ‘Ice Circle’, or ‘Ice Ring’, appeared in a private residents’ back yard pond in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. Precisely etched into thin ice, ‘about 1/4 inch thick’, the mysterious circle was reported to measure about 25 feet 9 inches in diameter. It formed during the night, in a section of a tributary that feeds the Silvermine River in Norwalk, and amazingly, touched one side of the pond wall! Discovered by the owner at about 6:00am, after night temperatures fell ‘to about 16’ degrees Farenheidt, the circle remained frozen until later that afternoon, melting only after most of the ice around it had disappeared. No trees overhung the Ice Circle, and nothing unusual was reportedly heard or seen by the residents, or neighbours, in association with its creation



A preliminary analysis of the Ice Circle, and further contact with the pond owner, yielded some additional information and observations concerning this intriguing phenomenon.

To begin with, the circle appeared to be purposefully positioned and etched with great precision into the changing textured surface of the ice. Almost as large as the body of water that contained it, and uniquely narrow for an Ice Circle, it formed a ‘tangent’ with the pond wall that appeared deliberate and seemed to defy a simple natural explanation.

Like most Crop Circle formations, and Ice Circles and Rings that have appeared in the past, the Norwalk circle appeared sometime during the hours of nightfall and first light, and was obviously located where water was concentrated.

Could the Ice Circle have been formed by water in rotation?

Apparent in the photograph, and affirmed by the pond owner, the ice showed no sign of having been swirled by rotating water that froze.

Could the Ice Circle have been created by a ‘ripple’ across the surface of the pond?

The pond owner’s father suggested the Ice Circle might have been caused by something falling into the pond creating a ripple that subsequently froze.

‘… if you drop something in the water, even a raindrop, a perfect circle is the result. It could be possible that the temperature had dropped to just the right temp, something fell in the pond causing the cold water from the bottom to come up and instantly freeze when it reached the surface.’

There are some trees nearby I was informed, including one that deposits leaves and occasionally branches in it when it’s windy. Could this create the Ice Circle effect? It is an interesting idea, however, many Ice Circles have appeared in bodies of water where trees were either too far away, or not present to be considered a cause. In some cases, the Ice Circle was of such size that a whole tree would need to be dropped in to displace an equivalent amount of water!

Rather than the result of a ripple that froze, the circle looked like it was thinly etched into the ice. Where it met the pond wall it didn’t distort and deflect like a ripple would. Also, If Ice Circles were being formed by falling tree limbs and cold temperatures I think they would be far more common than they are.

Was there any evidence to suggest the Ice Circle could have been manmade?

Interested to hear the views of the pond owner concerning this question I wrote and asked:

‘Some people would assume the Ice Circle in Norwalk was manmade (i.e. by resident teenagers or students perhaps as a prank) just because of its location, a small pond near residential housing, and inscribed appearance. What would you say to such views? Did you see or photograph, at the center of the Ice Circle, any indication in the ice that a pole or something similar could have been used (like a compass) to inscribe the circle? Are there any teenagers living nearby that might have made it?’

The pond owner replied:

‘We did that research. My first thought was that someone had come into the yard and made the circle. However, the pond is ours, in our backyard... it is private property and we have a dog that usually barks if something's in his yard.

There is no way it could have been man made as the ice was too thin and the distance down from the edge of the pond to the edge of the circle touching the wall was 3 feet down. The rest of the ice was frozen and to make a circle by hand would have broken the very thin ice. There was no hole in the middle...I took a few more pictures around noon as the ice started melting. And we do not have teenagers in my neighborhood. All my immediate neighbors are in their middle to later years- no kids.

I had my father come and look at the circle, as he was in the air force and he is very knowledgeable about physical and engineering aspects of things and he was amazed because he could not see how it could have been manmade since a board or pole would have broken the ice and it was out of anyone's reach without actually getting into the water which is about 5-6 feet deep.’

Forming in a pond; a concentration of water and a place where ‘leylines’ often cross (Ref.5), can the Churchville ice pictogram now be added to the long list of sites visited by this continuing, profoundly spiritual, worldwide modern day miracle we call the Crop Circle phenomenon? I think so.

Ed Sherwood
© Millennium Research
April 2003
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