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Default Re: 2012 Nexus Event Unknown Form of Energy comes our way!

An Excerpt from Voices of our Ancestors
by Dbyani Ywahoo

Renewing the Sacred Hoop

"Without spiritual foundation there can be no society. Without spiritual practice confusion reigns. Even the softest prayer sends vibrations of prayer moving through the air, just as the guitar strings stir the piano's song. To call forth the voice and to sing in joy and harmony, to let the beauty flow in our hearts, is something all of our elders have talked about, saying to us, "Let us pray together, let us do things together,"...When we join our hearts in prayer, in singing, in sacred dancing, in planting things together, we are returning something to the Earth, planting seeds of good cause...The qualities of laughter, joy, and sorrow and our thoughts and actions weave the tapestry of life. Spiritual practice transforms ideas of conflict and develops perception of ourselves and the universe as energies, tones, complementary aspects seeking balance and resolution. There is a song in our hearts as a community of human beings...The song is of planetary peace, planetary cooperation. It is calling each of us to transform conflicting emotions, to reveal the inherent beatitude. Speak the best of yourself and others, recognize process and change and affirm the healing power of peaceful thought. Realize that our thoughts and actions shape tomorrow...Our hearts and the heart of the Earth are one."


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